Saturday, July 11, 2009

Economic melt down forcing me to look for a new career

A recession is defined as GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth slowing down. During recession economy and businesses stop expanding, employment falls, people get laid off, and unemployment rises. A general slowdown in economic activity over a sustained period of time has brought depression and distrust in the people. The situation is worst in engineering and banking field.
There is large cut down, no one feel safe because pink slip can be shown to them any time.

Unemployment is the greatest fear of any man. Economic downturn has forced me to change direction. But one has to adjust according to the circumstances. In order to survive in this economic meltdown one should be more flexible, should keep improving his skills, should be ready to travel anywhere, and should go beyond their sector. In this recession time your resume should be your tool which will make you unique from the crowd. So never have a fixed mind set in the time of economic meltdown.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Know How to Change Careers in Twenties

The age of twenty is the time when students are on the verge of graduation. This is the right time for choosing the career and you have to enter into the market as a professional. The type of course you have done determines the career choice. You can join the job which is interesting and suitable according to your qualification and attitude. Many job seekers embark on the job career that becomes boring and big problem for you to continue. You cannot bump into the career just for getting entertainment in the job. You have to ponder for choosing the right career.

Following pointers throw light on the topic:

In the initial stages students are not use to of working for long hours and it takes time for adjusting into the new environment. Career change in twenties is not the right time to take the decision. You can take time to think for the career change because it can affect the entire life of the person and frequent change in the career is absurd and hampers the growth of the person. The best thing is to assess the current situation and speculate the requirement for successful career change. Professional consultants can help in giving the valuable advices but decision should be without any pressure.

Choose the new career in which you can feel comfortable and satisfied. If you are unable to cope up with the change then it becomes quite tough to retreat. The best thing is to place yourself in that position and then realize the affect of the career on you. What are the growth prospects are available and where you will land after change in career is pertinent for better future. Embark on the career that fulfills your present requirements for which you are changing the career.

Info Collection
You should be aware of all types of difficulties and unprecedented troubles for handling them with firm hand. Never rely on the information from different sources unless you are confirmed. You can search the internet for the complete details about the career for embarking on the future life. You should be crystal clear with the goals and objectives of your life for reaching on the desired position. You can even read the books and articles for getting the different aspects of the career change.

Never be in a hurry for taking the important decision especially related to your career because one wrong step can ruin your entire life.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Career Advancement Tips

Career can shape a good turn if you are determined and dedicated for achieving the target. There are many career opportunities in the market but the requirement is to become a perfect candidate for the job vacancy. You can look for the advancement if you are working somewhere but if you are searching for the job it is not possible to look for the advancement. Working in the job and aspiring for something big seems to be practical. Choosing the right path is essential for the growth of the career. 

Following are the useful tips for advancing career:
  1. The necessary skills have to be enhanced for getting the lucrative job. The job experience gained by working for years can be beneficial if you are choosing the job in same industry. You can look for the promotion in the company by doing specific courses for improvement of skills. 
  2. You can easily join online courses for getting the diploma and degree required for enhancing skills. Many professionals join the online courses because it does not affect the current job in which they work. You can continue the job and can pursue the course simultaneously. 
  3. You can talk to your boss and can consult for getting the appraisal. If there is scope in the same company for achieving the good position then it is important to get the favor of the boss. Make good relation in the organization for success. Professional relation with the boss and colleagues is important to prove yourself suitable for the position. 
  4. Networking is important for getting the assistance and information from friends and relatives. You can easily get the chance to face the interview if you have the reference of any person. Your friends and relatives can help in advancement of your career and can inform you about the job vacancies in their company. 
  5. Performing in the job is really beneficial for becoming the favorite of boss and senior managers. You can do the work passionately and can make your reputation in the company. You can get the employee recognition and promotion in the company. Collect the information about the growth before embarking on the job.
  6. You can leave the job and can join another company where scope of growth is more but never inform the company in which you are currently working without getting the call letter from another company. 
Develop the skills to sell oneself in the market and grab the golden opportunity. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Career as a Care Assistant

Care assistant is a unique career and person who has caring attitude can definitely bump into this career. You can get the job in the health care industry after pursuing the course. Various universities and colleges provide course for the care assistant. The duration of the course is less than a year and you can also work in internship to gain experience. Many hospitals provide training opportunity to the professionals and also pay for their contribution in the health care. Many patients require special care in hospitals and even at homes and search for the care assistant.

I would like to throw light on this rewarding career:
  1. Nursing is preferred by males and females and this type of career help in earning money and simultaneously you can service the humanity. You can care the patients suffering from deadly disease and even the patients getting the treatment after accident require care assistant. 
  2. Career in this field is not easy but it requires special qualities which are not present in every human being. You have to develop the attitude of nursing which is helpful in doing the duty perfectly. You have to check your attitude before embarking on the career path. 
  3. Training is necessary for working efficiently and if you want to shape the career in this field then it is better to get the training under the guidance of the experienced person in the hospital and then apply for the jobs. You have to work under the guidance of the seniors for performing well.
  4. There are different types of cases that are required to be handled and it is important to have experience in the cases which are quite typical. Accidental cases require great care for the recovery and if you are not having the experience and vital knowledge then it becomes quite tough to provide care to the patient.
  5. Person who gets emotional very soon has to control the emotions for working in this job. Many cases are encountered in which you have to be tough from within for providing care and working efficiently. 
  6. Physical injuries and mental setback both kinds of problems of the patients are handled by the care assistant.  You can earn good money and can seek job in prestigious hospital setting after gaining experience.
Career in this field has many job opportunities and it is also recession proof career. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tips to Resign from Your Job Gracefully

I really feel that the job which you are doing can be good as well as bad. If you are caught in bad jobs then I must say that you will be quiet willing to change your job. But all the companies have some kind of rules and regulation which they have to follow if they want to resign from their job gracefully. I really feel that leaving a job without harming anybody is an art. I do feel that you will definitely find it tough.

Different company has different jobs. And I must say that each of them really want to make sure that the employees which they are hiring do not leave their job quiet early. In fact they provide the best facilities to the employees and all these are done to satisfy them so that they not ever think of leaving their job. 

This is the fact from the company point of view. But if you will think keeping yourself at the front row then you will find out that there can be many reasons for leaving the job. But you should know that when you will afterwards go to some new company then the HR team of that company will definitely make a phone call to the previous company HR department. What will you then if you are found misbehaving in the previous company? 

I feel that you will definitely loose the job opportunity and you will have no reason as well to keep in front of the HR team of the new company. Hence it is quiet important that you are not found misbehaving in any company. The question really arises that how can you then leave your job without affecting any body. I really feel that it is really a big question and its answer is not an easy one.

However I would like to put forward some of the points which you will definitely find to be quiet useful while leaving the job.

They are as follows:
  1. The first point which you will have to keep in mind is that you will have to inform the HR team of the company 15 days before that you are leaving your job. This will help the HR team to find out the replacement for you.
  2. The second thing which you will have to keep in mind is that you will have to continue working without a break. Work properly till the time when you have to finally leave the job. This will make a good impression on the HR team of that company.
These are some of the points which I really feel that you will find quite useful. 

Friday, March 27, 2009

Workplace Stress

As far as the stress is concerned I must tell you that it is really a burden which all of us have to cope up with while we are in the office. I really feel that the workplace stress is one of the most teasing thing which an employee engaged in some kind of office job comes across. The work load is really so much that we hardly get any chance to talk about something else. Work, work and work, this is really the order of the day. Hence it is quiet sure that the employee will be get some sort of stress. 
  1. As far as the work shift and the shift work are concerned I must say that the employees are given the choice to choose a shift from the work shift and then they are compelled to do the shift work. I must say that the work shift which are being provided today is really quiet hectic. 
  2. For you I would love to bring forward the four on four off work shift. You get four days holidays in this scheme. But just think that you will have to work for 12 hours per day. This is really a big ask and the person who is asked to follow such work shift would really feel lot of stress.
  3. The question really arises that what is the real solution of this stress. I must say that the only method of removing this stress is by giving the ample rest to the employees. The concept of working five days a week was really aired to reduce the stress which was on the employees of various companies. However I must say that this has really been quiet successful. Now the employees are really found to work with lots of faith. The efficiency of the employees has also increased and I must say that they are doing so much wok in five days which they would have not done in seven days before.
  4. However you cannot just say that the workplace stress is just due to the work load. It can be because of the relationship with the other employees as well as the senior employees as well. It might be that you are doing a good job but your senior employee often frustrates you by saying that you are not up to the mark. It might also be the case that you are truly not able to compete with the job.
However whatever might be the case I must tell you that there are so many hidden stress as far as the office is concerned. That is why people are used to say that you should have courage to work in office.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Paying Attention to Your Speech Can Make or Break a Job Interview

Job interviews are pertinent for interviewee who is in search of suitable job. There are many things which are kept in mind by the candidates for qualifying the interview. Communication skills are one of the most important considerations in the interview. You may dress as smartly as you can and can maintain the neatness but if you are not speaking properly then it may create problem for the candidate and interviewer may not feel that you are the right candidate suitable for the particular job. There are many types of interviews which are faced by the applicants and it is necessary to be prepared for every type of interview.

Following pointers throw light on speech during interview:
  1. People applying for the jobs like to build a good resume for impressing the recruiter but verbal presentation is most important for impressing the recruiter. It may be possible that you may qualify the criteria and you are successful in impressing the recruiter but verbal ability can create magic and if you fail to use your verbal ability then disqualification is sure. 
  2. There is need to check the way of speaking in front of interviewer. It is quite obvious that candidate gets nervous in front of interviewer but maintaining the calm and composure is required to impress the recruiter. You can speak slowly for regaining your confidence. Always take a pause and let the interviewer to speak.
  3. You have to sell yourself in front of interviewer and there is no need to speak the words which shows your overconfidence. Speak confidently and simpler manner. Don't use the words which offend the interviewer.
  4. Clear expression is important for impressing the interviewer. Using the absurd words shows the lack of confidence. You can speak slowly and can pause if you are not getting the point to speak but never use the expression which gives negative impact on interviewer. You have to speak in professional way for impressing the interviewer. 
  5. Prepare some questions which are asked in every interview. You can do the rehearsals which can help in speaking in a better way. Try to practice the way of speaking in front of your friend for better performance in interview. You should avoid the occasional words which are common among people.
All the best for your interview and always keep the above tips in mind.